A Guide On Biomedical Engineering Salary

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Those looking to move into this medical career would do well to clarify their medical job targets and the salary ranges for a biomedical engineer vary greatly. Biomedical engineers salary rate depends on what specific segment of the industry you work in.

Biomedical engineers combine the principles of biological and mechanical engineering to solve problems in the health care industry. These are the developers of advanced medical technology like Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines, CT scans,  and more. They produce the cutting edge microscopic surgical machines and are pioneering the way for artificial organs  and limbs. Biomedical engineers are designing the medicine of the future. And the right biomedical engineer school can make all the difference in your Engineering Degree and your career even 20 years later!

Such important and in demand medical jobs earn an above average salary according to the US bureau of Labor Statistics. The full range is from as low as $43,000 to as high as $120,000. But where one falls in that range depends on a few things. A large percentage of biomedical engineers work in the manufacturing and product development and research segments. These account for about 45 percent of the jobs in the industry. Biomedical engineer’s salaries are primarily based where one is employed and years of experience.

Biomedical engineering salaries for those employed in hospitals range from approximately $49,00 to $65,000; In Government from $64,000 to $95,000; for private companies $51,000 to $71,000; and for Non Profit Organizations $39,000 – 76,500. So, as you can see this is an outstanding medical career choice.

The second major factor is experience and education. A biomedical engineering salary would range from $40,00 to $60,000 for those with less than 1 year experience and a B.S. degree. It salaries increase to $49,000 to $67,000 for those who have been working for 1 to 4 years. These candidates may have M.S. degrees. Biomedical engineers with 10 or more years of experience can earn from $62,000 to $120,000 per year. Those at the highest end of the salary range have M.S. degrees and many have PHD.

Biomedical engineering jobs are in high demand and will continue to be for the next few years. The aging population of US is a prime market to create the demand for advance medical technology. Biomedical Engineers will be there to meet that need. Biomedical engineering salary ranges should continue to provide a comfortable lifestyle for those who choose to pursue this career.

As a matter of fact the Biomedical Engineer Salary range will be headed up over the course of the next decade as demand for engineers outstrips supply.

If you are a Bio Medical Engineer of any nature this next 20 to 30 years should be really good for you. And Bio Medical Engineer schools are hungry for new applicants looking for their Engineering Degree.

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